This short English version has been translated by Cody Hanson*

There are many bakeries with sweet treats.  Many of the taverns look as if they are from another time. Many have an olive branch or gourd decorating the door to indicate that they sell wine. A coffee costs less than 1 Euro and a beer costs 1 to 1.5 Euros.

A few bars and cafes I recommend that are centrally located: imagen-6stacruz

– El café de Santa Cruz (Praça 8 de Maio, image of the right)

Quebra Costas: Located near the Quebra Costas Stairs

Quebra Costas

Quebra Costas

-Ginjinha Point, Muralhada (Rua Fernández Tomás)


Salão Brazil (Largo do Poço, 3, Floor 1, “baixa”,  image of the right)

-Cabra velha (Rua Fernández Tomás)img_20160305_003140

-Be tasty, be poetry (Rua do corvo 33, “baixa”)


Outside the city center (10 or 15 minutes on walking), near the Praça de la República, I recommend:

Casa das caldeiras : With the old English engine and boiler rooms of the University (rua Padre António Vieira)

Aqui Base Tango (Rua Venâncio Rodrigues, nº 8)

Feito Conceito (Rua Alexandre Herculano nº 16, 1º)


* The Short English Versions had been traslated by Cody Hanson*, based on Leonor Zozaya’s Spanish version of the texts. Cody C. Hanson (Ph.D) is Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at Indiana State University.

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